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One of the first designers to be fired with enthusiasm by the idea of Natevo was Matteo Nunziati who designed a collection of furniture with integrated light. Once produced, he experimented their validity by completely furnishing an apartment in the Zaha Hadid residence of the futuristic real estate complex Milano CityLife.
He also developed the illumination technology of the pieces to optimize and calibrate the light emitted by the Natevo furniture in the various rooms, revealing their emotional personality and stature as an independent light sources.


Light is a magical element and one of the most difficult entities to shape and fashion, even for the people who thrive on challenge and always strive to extend their expertise.
This bookcase is the perfect example; it is a truly unique piece of furnishing, oozing style and elegance. The suggestive lighting is soothing, embracing and harmonious. Its 12 compartments perfectly exalt the beauty of art books, vases, sculptures, jewels, precious belongings.


Powered by the success of the first pieces of furniture with integrated light, Matteo Nunziati has designed solida, his second collection for Natevo. The inspiration for the design of the table, bookcase and dresser is clearly the rationalist design of the Thirties with a contemporary twist.
The pieces ooze discrete yet tangible luxury thanks to the precious materials used, the elegance of the skilfully created details and the collection’s sturdy appearance, softened by the magical light from the integrated Led fittings.
What results is a harmonious style that successfully blends the past with the future, the old with the new, tradition with innovation.